Taking time to create space in your mind

It takes time to slow down.  Finding time to squeeze in meditation practice, or any self – nurturing practice–such as creativity work or making a healthy home cooked meal–may seem impossible at times.  To the busy, anxious, work-addled mind, there is truly NEVER enough time to slow down.  There’s always something that needs to be done.

And so, the decision to slow down is just that–a decision.  It means making a commitment to self-care, to sanity, to quality of life! It means NOT buying into the myth that more, and faster, and harder, means better.  Because, truly, what really matters in life? Simple things: Things like loving, and being loved, and doing good work.  Things like touching someone’s heart,and honoring one’s own inner yearning.  Things like showing up, and caring, and making every moment count.

That’s why I meditate.  Not to be a better, smarter, more efficient person.  But to learn to slow down, and to trust life, and to honor the beauty of every moment.


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