NOW (beyond the curtain)–Part 1 of 3

You are not your thoughts.

Nor are you the product of whatever your thoughts tell you you are, as glorious (one moment) or awful (the next) that they may make you feel.

You are not the product of anyone else’s thoughts, either–not your friends’, not your boss’, not your mom’s, and not those of the girl across the room that you’ve been eyeing.

And so, whatever your thoughts tell you is going to happen next, that’s irrelevant now.

Wherever your thoughts project you will be in 5 year’s time, is beside the point.

Go beyond the thoughts.

Now is your opportunity, and only now.

Seize it.

Drop into that rapidly beating heart of yours. Drop below those tense shoulders for a moment and breathe.  Just that.


Can you feel the curtain of thoughts parting?

Good.  Now, let your true self take a look around.  Try on the lens of awareness.

It’s different every time–like a master pianist finding the new invention in an old standard (one he’s play a thousand times, always fresh).

What will you discover? Here, now? It’s a mystery.  And the best kind–the kind where choose your own adventure.

No false hopes, no trap doors.

Just new moment after new moment.  Just rich silence, and shiny sounds, and bright tastes and fresh beginnings.

Try it on for size.  You can always return to the old way (we always do, out of fear, or out of habit), but if you like what you find, you also just might return, again and again, fresh each time.  Always beginning.

2 thoughts on “NOW (beyond the curtain)–Part 1 of 3”

    • Thank you, Donna Marie! <3
      It came as a piece of automatic writing last night (all 3 parts, actually), and I wasn't sure how to categorize it here. I'm now adding poetry and automatic writing as categories. 🙂

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