Scorpio: Exploring the Depths (a preview of my forthcoming e-book)

I’ve been working on a book for you, an exploration of the twelve zodiac signs.  A simple concept, I know, but I believe in the power of simplicity.  I believe that simplicity–in this case, choosing to focus on just the twelve signs, rather than the whole encylopedic range of astrology understanding–breeds a certain depth and integration of understanding.

And, so, I’m offering you a taste, an excerpt, of my upcoming e-book.  It will be about 25 pages, with between one-and-a-half and two pages dedicated to each sign.  If you’d like to be one of first to receive a copy, sign up here.  I’m offering it FREE to my newsletter subscribers.  In the meantime, here’s a taste of just one sign–arguably the most complex/layered (and misunderstood) in the zodiac.  Welcome to the depths of. . .




Getting to know you. . .

Things felt awfully nice under the influence of Libra, but sometimes we long for something a bit more than “nice”.  Or, sometimes, there are some bigger problems lurking in the corner (or under the bed ;-)), and being nice, sidestepping the ugly underlying issues just won’t cut it. . . In those cases, who you gonna call? A Scorpio, of course.

Scorpio is all about depth, and mysteries, and understanding what’s going on underneath the surface of things.  Beneath all the “nicities”, who has the power? Who is in control? . . . And how well do we know each other, really? Do we trust each other enough to go deeper? To exchange secrets, or money, or energy, or ________??. . . (I’ll let you imagine all of the other juicy things that might fill in that blank. ;-))


Elemental Breakdown

Scorpio is the sign of Fixed Water, and, more than any other sign, it is the deep sea diver.  There are layers to every Scorpio, many layers, and how much you see depends on how much they trust you, and how deep you’re willing to go.

Scorpio is associated with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, which may explain why we’re so entranced and, sometimes, a bit frightened, of this sign. . . It’s good to investigate these fears, to understand what drives us, and what binds us, and as a the psychologist/Shaman, a Scorpio can assist you in diving into the deep waters of your own psyche, if you’re ready to go there.

But, Scorpio also understands that not everyone is willing to dive deep, in every occasion. . . Sometimes, we can learn a lot, even on the surface, just by examining the roles that people play, and the masks that they wear.  Consider the Scorpionic holiday of Halloween as an example.  There are so many layers to this one holiday–from a child’s inquiry of “Trick or Treat?”, to the masks/personas that we all gleefully don, to diving deeper underneath the surface and understanding that we live in a multi-layered world (with the dead, and with Spirits, yet among us).


The intelligence of Scorpio, AND the downside (all rolled into one)

So, let’s give the honesty of Scorpio it’s due, and not play around here.  The plus AND the minus of Scorpio, hands-down, is it’s intensity. . . It’s a admirable quality in so many ways.  Scorpio is willing to say the things that no one else will say, to experience the really juicy and dirty parts of life, to face every emotional battle head-on.  It’s willing to consume, and be consumed, and it doesn’t care what you think (unless, of course, you are the object of it’s rage or passion ;-)).  Without Scorpio, we would all be afraid of the dark, unwilling to face the monsters under our bed.  Without Scorpio, we would never know the pleasure and the agony of torturous passion, and of energetic/tantric merger.  Without Scorpio, well. . . Life would be pretty dull and flat, now, wouldn’t it? It would just be surface, and sheen–no depth to be found.

Of course, intensity can be exhausting, draining.  It can scare people away, leaving you alone (in silence/solitude, where intimacy can be found only within yourself–if you are brave enough to dive into those waters).  As powerful as Scorpio can be, with all of it’s intensity, and all of it’s knowing, really it does come down to this. . . The willingness to be vulnerable.  And the willingness to stay, to work through pain and discomfort, layer by layer, rather than just retreating, seething, indiscriminately merging OR exploding (standard Scorpionic catalytic reactions).

Scorpio can also really benefit from learning to become grounded, centered and steady (like it’s opposite/complementary sign, Taurus)–and meditation/energetic awareness can really help with this.  It has even more ability to be present and powerful, to affect change, if it can develop self-awareness, vulnerability and steadiness in these ways.



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