Knight of Pentacles

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

You can achieve even the most difficult of tasks,

with a good deal of patience,

and a steady, focused mind.


Don’t give up–

not on your dreams,

not on your ambitions,

and especially not on yourself.



choose what you would like to focus on,

and really work at chipping away at it.

Break it into pieces.

Take a look from different angles.

Find the place that it feels easiest to start it–

the opening through which you can begin untying the knot.


And then, love, it’s just a matter of showing up:

day in, day out.

Don’t let anything (or anyone) deter you:

not the voices in your head,

not your friends or family,

not unexpected events or

the sudden winds of excitement.


If this feels like too big a task,

remember that ultimately, you’re doing it for YOU.

And so, if this is what you want,

if this is what your soul needs,

you will find a way.

Even if it means bending with the winds of change,

you will endure, and stand the test of time.

And ultimately, you will triumph.


So, take heart, love.

These challenges will not undo you.

You need obstacles in order to prove your strength and determination.

You will find your way, and you will make your mark.

It is just a matter of time.

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