The Empress

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

I am the Mother of all Creation.

I give birth to the moment, each time that I pour into it with love and devotion.

I create endless forms, each of them unique, all of them cherished.


I dance with the forces of life, and I weave a tapestry of the elements.

I sing with the birds, and I encourage the fruit to become full and ripen.

I tend to the dawning of color in every day, and to the weaving of the stars at night.

I am an artist of nature, and a caretaker of the animals.


I teach the way of grace, and of nurturing through attention.

My touch is always gentle, and I take the utmost care in how I conduct myself.

It is important that I am always available, but that I am never stolen away.


I am the mistress of my domain.

I dedicate myself to cultivating life because it pleases me.

My pleasure is a guiding principle and yet, I savor each touch, each interaction.

I do not endeavor to lose myself in indulgence.

Rather, I take my time and enjoy each moment fully.


Come to me when you are weary,

When you feel your life force slipping away,

And I will nurture you to health:

Through rest, and fresh fruit, and long walks in beautiful landscapes.


There is no reason ever to feel shut down,

For life surrounds you at every turn.

You need only to appreciate your surroundings,

And drink in the love that is offered to you.

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