from the Gaian Tarot

from the Gaian Tarot

The human heart is a funny thing–

both so fragile, and so resilient.


Think about it:

You are affected by every experience that you have.

You have some reaction, be it positive or negative, OR you simply zone out (which is, in and of itself, a reaction).


Your heart is an instrument.

And like any fine instrument, sometimes it can get overloaded.

A charged and unexpected event can overrun the heart,

rendering it numb and  useless.

So it seems.


But, here’s the thing:

The capacity of the heart is not JUST to feel.

It is also to BE:

to hold space,

simply and without judgment.

To remain open, and strong,

allowing everything,

being engulfed by nothing.


How can one be that strong,

without shutting down?

Simply, you remember:

To be human is to be half animal, and half Divine.


The animal part of you WILL have feelings.

They are natural:

A reaction to change and to stress.

The animal part of you NEEDS to feel,

In order to release.


The Divine part of you knows that,

ultimately, you are ALWAYS safe and whole.

Fundamentally you are okay,

And nothing can touch that.


That is why it is okay to feel everything.

And that is how you will always have the strength to go on.


Do not TRY to be strong, love.

Be honest, and stay open, and face everything.

Always in love,

never moving from the truth that

you ARE safe.

And it is safe to love.

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