The Hermit

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Life does not consist simply of external roles and obligations.

The inner life is equally important, and worthy of cultivation.


From time to time, you must withdraw from the demands of the external world.

You must take the time to quiet your mind, to silence the pressure and excitement that continually occupies you.


You must learn who you are, when distraction and expectation ceases.

You must learn your true name, the one given to you by the stars, and by your ancestors, well before even your parents existed.


You have a purpose.  You have a calling.

It is the calling of your soul, which wishes to fully reside in your body.

You must listen to the prompting of your soul,

If you wish to become fully human, fully yourself.


Take time now to listen.

Let your breathing slow.  Feel the beating of your heart.

Hear the sounds of the natural world.

Drink in the simple beauty that surrounds you.


Then, close your eyes, and enter within.

Inhabit the space in the center of your head,

that sacred, silent space.

Let the light enter.  Let images form, as they will.

Make note of the messages that are given to you.


Take time daily to withdraw to enter this sacred space.

It is your internal well.

It is the place where you can always come for comfort, for guidance and support.

You are never alone in this space, because you are connected to the stars, to the wisdom of the ages.

Let it speak to you, and know who you are, at the deepest level.

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