The High Priestess

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Do you feel the pull of Silence within your veins?

She speaks in riddles, using images and natural sounds.

Underneath, the message is always:

Go deeper, deeper, love.


When your mind is still, you can see the messages that Nature delivers.

You can feel the rhythm of the stream, the rising of the moon.

You breathe with the breath of creation,

and you move with her ebbing and flowing of light.


You rise with the message that She has asked you to deliver.

You do so with utmost confidence, for her voice pours through you.

You are not afraid.

You are humble, and clear, and utterly in your body, with passion in your voice and with Silence at your core.


You speak what must be said.

You deliver the message that the Stars have given you.

And the fullness of your glory, and the power of your allies, shines in your message.


You can be as delicate, as ethereal, as a butterfly’s wings.

Or you land with the intensity of Panther,

Stir the seas with the impact of Whale.


You are connected to all of Nature,

And you dream with the mind of the Stars.


When it is time for you to rest, then you will slip back into the rhythm of the tides.

You will take refuge in the forest:

Listening to the messages of the trees,

Watching the play of Rabbit, of Fairies.


You are One with the Tide.

You are the rise, and the fall,

and yet you stand at the center of all,



Stillness in motion. 💖

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