The Lover(s): surrendering to love

from the Ostara Tarot

from the Ostara Tarot

And life suddenly opens up when you realize that someone has joined you for the journey.


Your energy joins with theirs, and the World lights up.

Tastes become brighter;

Colors gleam and pop;

Your heart opens, and meets with a field of vast potential.


You realize that you are not the person that you thought you once were.

You are so much more,

And you are always becoming.


What would stop you from expanding infinitely,

until you merged with the Source of joy itself,

until your heart burst into a million beautiful pieces?


And that would be okay, this bursting,

because Love itself would catch you, would hold you up.

And that would be far better than never falling at all.


So, who knows where this journey will take you?

But it’s bound to be somewhere glorious–

Or at least somewhere far from here.


Surrender to the ecstasy,

And your ride will begin.


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