The Magician

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

My power lies in self-knowledge.

Because I understand the movement of the elements–

In my mind, in my emotions, in the sky and in the natural world–

I understand also the flow of life.


I step into the stream of life,

And through the very presence of my being,

I shift the flow of events.

I impact and alter the chemical play between different star signs, between different constitutions.


I contain all of the elements within me,

But I am not bound by any one element, by any single way of being.

I raise my hand, and with the turn of my wrist, I invoke fire.

I close my eyes, and plunge into the watery depths of the inner world.

I turn to face the other, and I am air, fluid and versatile.

And when I choose, I can even become earth, as solitary and unmoving as I need to be.


I dance with the tides of the moon.

I track and move with the Wheel of the Sun.

I die and am always reborn.

I am eternal and ever-changing.

My way of being is ever fluid,

As I am always learning, and refining the practice of poetry in motion.

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