The Wheel of Fortune

The wheel is always turning,

and thus, you never know your fate, exactly.

Let time be your teacher.

Work with the rhythms and cycles of life.


When you are on the threshold,

and pausing,

before walking through that new door, remember:

You need not know, in advance, what to do.

You need only to commit and open to the experience.

Let your inner knowing be your guide.


You will feel, at times, that the winds of fate are spiteful,

Other times, you may rejoice at your sudden luck.

Whatever the circumstance, whether seemingly positive or negative,

Know this:


There is no cycle,

there is no lesson,

that is not (at its core) about this one thing:

more deeply exploring and opening to love.

From the Shadowscapes Tarot (arranged with Rose Quartz)

From the Shadowscapes Tarot (arranged with Rose Quartz)

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