Eight of Swords

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Oh, beautiful swan, what is troubling you so?
I see that you have become ensnared,
Imprisoned by your own malicious thoughts and hefty expectations.

There is no rest for you here,
In this mess of brambles, and yet–
The more you struggle to free yourself,
To overcome the trap,
the more you become ensnared.

There is only one way to free yourself, my pretty.
You must entrain yourself to the light.
You must float to the top of your troubles,
On the wings of a fleeted-footed fairy,
Or on the back of a hummingbird.

Close your eyes, for just a moment, dear,
And breathe.
Do you feel the feel the humming of your inner beauty?
The pulse of your pure knowing and presence?

Now, keep breathing, but open your eyes.
Incline your head to the heavens.
Do you see the light, now?
Do you feel how that heavenly light
Corresponds with the light of your inner body?

You are beautiful.
Not just outwardly, for that must always be secondary, a reflection.
You contain a radiant inner beauty,
Which can never be tarnished or stolen.

Let the cage of your thoughts fall away, my love,
And let that inner light guide you once again to the heavens.
Then, spread your wings, and soar.

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