Five of Pentacles

From the Chrysalis Tarot

From the Chrysalis Tarot

What is burdening your heart, love,
and why do you feel weighed down?

It is true that sometimes life is not easy,
and even that troubles can follow us around like a shadow.

Sometimes tragedy strikes,
or we lose somebody we love,
or we lose a job.
These are no small matters.
They are not trivial.

But it is in times such as these that we must mine our inner resources of faith, hope and trust.

And it is in times like these that we must allow others to come to our aid.

We must open our minds to see new possibilities,
and we must open our hearts to allow others to comfort us, and to lend us a hand.

Above all, remember:
The Universe has not deserted you.
You have not been left alone to shrivel and starve in the cold.

Let your heart be warmed by self-care now.
Bundle yourself up in love and take shelter in your faith for another tomorrow.
Raise your eyes to see the Sun,
And let the Storm pass through your insides.

Breathe and feel, gently, gently.
knowing that you will be here when the Storm passes.

When you are ready, open the door, and let Love enter also from the outside.
Let the World supply you with nourishment.
Share your feelings and your experience.

You are a part of the Whole of existence.
You have a right to be comforted and cared for.
Take your time, and open your mind, and receive.

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