Five of Wands (rising to the challenge!)

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

There are those days:
In which every task that you undertake
Blooms into a field of obstacles.
In which every “easy answer” takes so many
twists and turns
That you don’t even recognize the field of inquiry.

“Why can’t life be easier?!” You groan.
But you continue the game of “adapt and conquer”.
You keep whacking at those moles, one by one,
As they keep popping up.

No, it will not always be like this.  I promise.
But, no matter the end result, isn’t it amazing to discover the extent of your fortitude?
You will not be brought down!
Not by one obstacle , and not by a hundred.

Your perseverance will pay off–
Not a hundred years from now, but soon.
For, now that you have discovered your ability to endure,
To adapt and to stay in the game,
You are literally unstoppable.

The secret is this:
Give everything, and surrender control.
Your commitment will move mountains.
Effortless effort–that is the ultimate goal.
Fix your eye on the target.
Hold it with unwavering dedication and devotion.
Let the earth move you towards it (and it towards you).
Do this, and you will no longer feel the struggle.
You will simply engage, fully, effortlessly, and see the results line up.

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