King of Cups

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

You are connected with all beings,
Through invisible ties which bind us all.
Will you be one who is yanked about by these ties?
Or will you be one who studies the flow of things,
who lives by the cycles, and thus understands?

The world needs your understanding, after all.
There are not many who know how to introduce the seeds of goodness into the currents of life,
And to help them to take root.
There are not many who know how to swim against the tides of aggression,
Or to neutralize the poisons of arrogance and self-hatred.

I can teach you these things, if you will but take the time to listen.
Press your ear against my conch shell of wisdom,
And hear the voice of the universe, rushing in to greet you.

Now, in silence, slow your mind,
and listen for that sound within.
You can find it in your veins.

You contain the mysteries of the universe, right there within you.
Master the art of relating to yourself, through love.
Listen for the stories of the ancients that come to you, in silence.

Now, realize that the universe within and the universe without are not separate,
And you will be the one to knit together the broken strands of humanity.

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