Ten of Cups

From the DruidCraft Tarot

From the DruidCraft Tarot

. . . And sometimes, your heart just overflows–

Purely from the joy of being yourself,
And being recognized,
Held in the eyes and heart of others.

And in those moments, you profoundly appreciate the matrix of those that you love and that support you.
And of course, you love and support them too.
After all, they are your family (whether given or chosen),
and, as such, there is no separation between you.

You share a path, you share a voice,
And yet you also support the development of each individual’s voice–
For you know that each contribution is essential, and beloved
(for you & for the other).

There is an art and a beauty to this mutual process of becoming.
It requires one part stability (thus maintenance),
And one part adaptability (thus adjustment).
And it is in finding this balance that we do each other a service.
“I will stay and observe your becoming (without judgement)”, AND
“I will sometimes go to develop, but I will return”.

In and out, we breathe together.
Connect and depart.
Dance and mourn.
Stretch and sleep.
We honor the cycles together,
and thus realize that we are not simply individuals,
we are not simply tribe–
We are facets of the universe,
knit loosely together,
and pulsating as One.

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