Ten of Wands

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

You are not Atlas;
it is not your job to carry the weight of the World on your shoulders.
Who made you think that it was so?

Or perhaps, at some point, you grew so tired of dreaming
that your dreams became plans,
and your plans became commitments,
and your commitments became obligations.

And you forgot your life;
you forgot your spark;
you forgot how to breathe, and how to move with the breath.

So, stop now.
And breathe.
Let that weight fall off of your shoulders.
Let your arms stretch out, and
Let the balls drop,
and begin to dance.

Move with the flow of the breath, in and out.
Move with the beat of your heart.
Let the fire in your belly move you.
Slither like a snake.
Fly like an angel.

When you feel inspired, feel free to pick a ball back up.
It is light, it is weightless, and it glows with the spark of your heart.
If you pick another ball up, then notice:
Does it also sparkle with joy?
Or does it weigh you down?

As long as you can dance with these balls of light, feel free:
juggle them; play with them; laugh them into existence.

But everytime one drops, notice its weight when you pick it back up.
If you can’t carry it, if it weighs you down, then let it go.

You deserve to feel weightless and free.
You deserve to be lit up by life.
Let your activities light you up,
or lightly let them go (with love).

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