Three of Cups

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Where have you placed your joy?
Have you kept it locked up, hidden away,
Saved up for a special day?

Well, wait no longer–
That day is now.
A door has been opened, just for you,
And a toast will be made in your honor.

Welcome to the celebration!
All of our hearts are lit up,
And our arms are open to receive you.
For, you are one of us–
Our family, our pride.
And we value your heart, your contribution.

Join us as we lift our glasses,
As we raise our voices,
To honor you, and to receive one another.

We are each one important,
We each worthy of recognition and love,
For we each play an essential role.
Without each other, our lives would be empty;
we would no longer be able to share our joy.

But enough of such sad talk.
Let us now sing.
Let us sing of the love that we share,
And of the regard that we hold for one another.

Let us always remember this time,
And cherish it in our hearts.
For, if ever our joy should run low,
We must rekindle it, with a memory and a  spark.

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