Three of Swords

From the Tarot Mucha

From the Tarot Mucha

Have you ever felt your heart crumble?
Felt betrayed and let down by your lover, or friend, or by the Universe itself?

There is no easy balm for the bitterness of loss or betrayal.
There is no way to go back and erase them from your life

(before the point where you loved them, and they abandoned you).
There are no easy words to make you feel whole again, to put the earth back underneath your feet.

But, I can tell you this:
Even though you can’t feel it yet–
You are loved.
You are safe.
You are whole.

Wrap yourself in the arms of your own caring.
Breathe deeply, until you feel the warmth of being held.
Let your thoughts slow down.
Feel the peace, underneath the pain.

You are worthy.
The Universe does not hate you.
It has not abandoned you.

But, at this time, you must learn to love yourself:
You must care for yourself as you would a newborn babe:
Gently, slowly, let your heart repair.
Let there be silence–
or only warm, soothing voices.

Let there be long bathes, and long walks, and time spent gazing at the sky.
Write it out.  Dance it out. Draw it out.
Do what you need to do;
Embrace your medicine.
(Your heart, and your guides, will tell you what that is.)

Be slow and steady.
Above all, take your time.

You are loved.
You are worthy.
Take time to cultivate that love within your self, to soak in its waters, to wear it like a blanket.

Soon enough, your heart will once again be brave enough to risk opening to the outside world.
For now, embrace the soft cocoon of self-care.

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