Beltane Blessings! And navigating a season of change

Happy Beltane! 

Today, Pluto also turned retrograde, and (retrograde) Mercury met up with the Sun. 

It’s also eclipse season (with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio looming), and so, all in all, we are in a period of intense recalibration. 

What is it that feels precious to you?  What is that you value and cherish?  Lean into that, during this period of growth and change.  Allow that which is beautiful in your life to bloom.  Find the people who support your hopes and dreams, and commune with them.  Allow them to build you up. 

Consider that which YOU wish to build, and begin investing, day by day, little by little.  Invest your time and your heart.  Invest your attention.  The way of earth (read: Taurus) is sustainable growth, built on the foundations of beauty and security.  You do not need to be different than who you are.  You need only to honor your heart, and your values, and to put them first.

Conversely: What is it that is rotten in your life?  That needs mending?  We don’t like to look at these places, at the dark and soiled places, but we must.  The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will dredge up your old fears and bad habits.  Together with stationed Pluto, it will show you the ways in which you feel powerless.  The ways in which you manipulate.  The ways in which you hide and avoid the arduous work of transformation.

Touch the shadows lightly.  They will not bite.  You can look at them.  But also, you are not them.  You have light within you.  You have beauty within you.  Trust that.

Embrace this time of change, this period of sifting through the old and welcoming the new.  I know you’ve got a beautiful seedling of a dream, planted on your window sill, and I am excited to watch it sprout and grow. 

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