Music lessons


Jennifer offers music lessons from her apartment in Woodlawn, MD.   She also teaches online voice and piano lessons, and has been making a living teaching music since 2002.

Vocal Training

Jennifer teaches all levels of vocal training, from beginner to professional. She considers her specialties to be vocal technique—e.g., strengthening the voice, expanding the range, developing ease and flexibility, etc.—as well as jazz and contemporary vocal style. She is very flexible in her approach with students, adapting to individual styles and needs. With all of her students, however, her first and foremost goal is vocal empowerment—in other words, offering tools that bring insight to the mind, facility to the voice, and freedom to the spirit. The end result—freer, more powerful, more creative vocals!

For adult students, she charges $65 for an hour lesson.  For younger students (teenagers and children ages 7+), she recommends weekly lessons.  Shorter sessions are available, with a weekly commitment, at the rate of $50/45 min or $35/half hour.

Piano Lessons

Jennifer’s style for beginner and intermediate piano lessons is a reflection of her own learning and professional experience. Informed by her own classical and jazz training, she most loves to play and arrange pop music and jazz standards, constantly expanding her facility in different accompaniment styles.  This versatility makes her an ideal teacher for anyone who wants to learn in a multi-faceted way—reading music, and learning theory and scales, yes—but also learning how to play by ear and to approach music at the piano creatively. Jennifer works well with children (as young as 5 years), as well as teenagers and adults. She charges $65 for an hour lesson ($50 for 45 min. or $35 for 30 min.).  A 1/2 hour lesson is recommended for ages 5 – 9, 45 min. for ages 10 – 13, and an hour for ages 13 and up.

In addition to teaching voice and piano technique and style, Jennifer is well-versed in other musical topics, such as:

  • songwriting and composition,

  • ear-training (e.g., learning how to hear and play/sing music with a better sense of pitch), and

  • theory (reading and understanding the construction of music).

Thoughts from two 6 + year clients:

“Jen is a natural with my son!  She has been his teacher for years and always makes music fun.  She is an accomplished professional musician with in-depth knowledge of musical theory, but she also understands kids and never pushes too hard.  Jen is like a guide on my son’s ‘musical safari,’ showing him beautiful things that are often overlooked in strict ‘by the book’ instruction.  She’s the best!”

-R. Stoneroad

“Jen Parde knows her music. A tireless advocate for teaching her students to know their music, their voice, their artistry, Jen communicates on many levels and thus her enthusiasm for learning and mastering the vocal craft is contagious.  Her own vocals have a superb foundation, which she draws upon to instill life and breath into every song she communicates with her audience.  I personally recommend Jen Parde as a teacher and as a concert artist.  She practices what she preaches.”

Lisa Fenstermacher, Adult Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

Two time WAMMIE Finalist in the Gospel/Contemporary Christian category.