Moving, and healing, “stuck” energy

Getting energy to move–whether the “stuck” state is congestion, lethargy or depression–is much like unraveling a twisted clump of necklaces.  Rather than try to force or manipulate the energy, you simply coax it.

To do so, you must approach the “stuckness” with gentleness and curiosity.  After all, usually the overwhelming attitude of the stuckness is “Well, I don’t want to move, and you can’t make me.”  So, it won’t do much good to approach the resistance with force–or, at least that’s not the healing way.

Rather, the curious healer-creator approaches with gentle inquiry.  “Okay, I understand.  You don’t want to do that. . . But would you be willing to consider this? Just for a little bit.  I won’t push too hard. . . And I’ll help you.”

Oftentimes, what lies beneath the stuckness is fear–more specifically, fear that things will never get better, that they will always be “doomed”.  Bitterness, resignation, and an overly complaining attitude are just a way of covering over that fear.  And then, as icing on the cake, we often turn to distraction–people to talk to, TV to watch, beer to drink–so that we can pretend that we’re happy, that we’re not missing anything important.  But underneath, there’s a gnawing suspicion that things would, could, be different, if we only. . .well, tried.  If we only dared to believe.

And, they can be different.  Maybe not in a grandiose, pie in the sky, million dollar mansion way–but in a real way here and now.  Start with gentle self-inquiry:

“What do I want?”

“What am I avoiding, and why am I afraid of it?”

“What might be possible here?–if I didn’t believe the worst case thinking in my head? If I trusted in this moment?”

Start with the question that resonates most, and then listen for the answer that emerges from inside.  Really listen.  Unravel the string, bit by bit.  Flow with the answer that you receive–just that one answer.  Then the next question, the next answer.  See if things don’t start feeling a little better. 🙂

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