A New Day

I’m not a fan of getting up early. Probably because I have a habit of getting to sleep at 1:30 am, so sleeping in until 9 feels not just like a blessing, but a necessity.

But there are some days, like today, when I wake up just before dawn, and the new day shows so much excitement at arising that I cannot fall back asleep. As much as I beg Hypnos for some extra shut eye, my brain sees (and feels!) the dawning of the light, and it will not leave me to wallow in the dark.

And I get it. Especially today. Today is a turning point. It was the longest night of the year. . .And now it’s a new day. It is the planting of the seed of light. And there is something exciting about that. It is the excitement of potential. It is the excitement of not knowing what happens next. It is the excitement of a blessing, a blessing that has been bestowed to only you.

. . .Which brings me also to Jupiter. Jupiter just reentered the sign of Aries, after frolicking in the transcendent waters of Pisces for the last few months. And in this fiery sign of purpose and differentiation, Jupiter wants you to remember that YOU have a voice. YOU have a purpose that is uniquely yours, that lights you up in some way and sets you apart. And YOU have the will, the ignition, that can put fire behind that voice. Only you.

So, what is it that you want to do with your voice?
And what is the vision that is being bestowed upon you?
What is that seed of light, that potential, and how does it beckon you?

This is a season of new beginnings. Both Jupiter and the Sun ask you to remember the child of potential within you, and to cultivate and grow that potential, slowly (Capricorn) and enthusiastically (Aries!) over the next few months. Venus will bring aid too, as she drops bread crumbs, emerging from her slumber in the underworld, and gearing up for her upcoming ascent as evening star.

Take a moment–or two, or three–to drop into this time of potential. Feel into this seed of light. See if you can sense the shape of it, the pattern of what is to come. Perhaps meditate, or use some divining tools. Or allow an emerging voice to speak through you.

I am excited for you, for us. I know there is hard and beautiful work ahead, and I know you are worthy of it.

Happy Solstice, light beings. Sending love and cheer for a blessed year to come.

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