Neptune turns retrograde: The dreamer connects to Source within

How have your dreams been, lately? For me, they’ve been evocative, rich, full of portent (and I’m someone who rarely remembers my dreams!).

Neptune stationed retrograde yesterday, in it’s home sign of Pisces–casting his rich dream web over our heads, asking us to pause and reflect: What is it that we value? What is it that we long for? What is the vision that sustains us? And, do we feel the connection between that vision and the way we live our lives? For that matter, do we feel the connection between ourselves and all of the hopeful dreamers in the world?

The vision, the reach, of Pisces–and, especially, of Neptune in Pisces–is SO vast. It encompasses all of our minds and spirits (and it pulls at our drives and emotions). It encompasses all the people that we come in contact with. It encompasses the spirit world AND the earth world, the dream world AND the waking world.

And yet, we can get tangled up in the web of the dream. We can forget our true nature. We can forget that we are sustained by Spirit no matter what. We can get so caught up in the illusion without that we lose touch with the magic within.

And so, over the next 5 months, while Neptune is retrograde, I invite you to reflect, to rekindle the imaginal fires within. Draw close to the warmth of the Divine, which can always be found within (in your heart, in your centered mind), no matter what.

Namaste. <3


Neptune retro

3 thoughts on “Neptune turns retrograde: The dreamer connects to Source within”

  1. I haven’t researched this much, the afceft in the natal chart. We have been focusing more on the afceft of the transiting retrograde planets. I do believe they may indicate that we are a bit slower to learn our lessons in that area, or have to work extra hard because we made mistakes in past lives and earlier in this life. For example with Saturn retrograde, I keep getting lessons about taking responsibility and acting in a responsible way.

    • Hello, Shirley! Sorry that I’m just now seeing & responding to this. I do think retrograde planets are fascinating. (Erin Sullivan has an excellent and very comprehensive book on the subject.) I have all of my outer planets–Uranus, Neptune and Pluto–retrograde natally, and I do feel like that gives me a different (very idiosyncratic) way of processing & expressing those energies. You’re right that those themes can be harder/longer to learn, although eventually they can become strengths for us!–or areas where we make our unique mark, if we stick with it. . . . My Pluto is turning direct, by progression, in a few years, and I’m curious to see how that plays out. Stations by progression can be powerful turning points for people–I’ve observed this in my own life, and with others.

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