Deep Piscean waters

Today is a day to immerse myself in water, in the feminine.  It is a day of the dark moon in Pisces, and of my lunar return.  (My moon is at 15° Pisces.)  In being the dark moon, as well as a Saturday (dedicated to Saturn and the titans), it is a sacred day for Hekate. 

I  wrapped myself in her cloak today, in her cloak of peaceful darkness and solitude.  I invoked Hekate three times in ancient Greek (it’s getting easier to recite now!), and I took a walk in the rain, while silently tuned in to a presentation about the role of Hekate in the Orphic tradition.  I felt her lunar rays wrap around me, during a meditation that was led by the presenter (just as I was returning home).

And now, I am immersed in a bath, which is my favorite way to connect with the Goddess, in her many forms.  (Is it strange that I like to write on my phone, while immersed in a dark bath?)

As a dedicant to both Aphrodite (Venus) and Hekate, I love how they are so closely intertwined, right now, in the monthly lunar cycle.  If you’ve been following my updates on the Venus cycle, you know that Venus is currently in her descent phase, and is moving closer to the Sun with each passing month.  Currently, she is less than 23° away from the Sun.  Because she will disappear under the beams of the Sun, once she is within 15°, next month will be the last time that we see Venus (just barely!) in her morning star aspect. 

And so, we currently have a sequence of holy dark days, dedicated to the feminine Moon and Venus: 

Yesterday was Venus’ day (Friday), and the waning crescent moon met up with Venus.

Today is Hekate’s day of Saturday and the waning dark moon.  (Deep exhale, before beginning again. . . )

And tomorrow is the new moon in Pisces!  (Obviously, still a great time to connect to Hekate, while the moon is dark.)

I love the Silence of the dark moon, of bathing in the dark, of going within and listening.  The deep Yin is underappreciated, I feel.  But it is the womb.  It is the dark, twinkling sky.  (Hekate’s mother is Asteria, goddess of stars.)  It is that which holds and nurtures and sustains us. 

Let yourself go, completely.  Let yourself swim in her waters.  I promise you will not drown.  For her waters are your own.  And to connect with her voice, her breath, is to hear your own unique voice crying, from the deep within.

Blessed, deep waters, Piscean waters of the Moon, I am not afraid.  I am yours.

May the Goddess illuminate you with her light, as you sink ever deeper into her presence.

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