Nine of Wands

Have you felt a bit defensive lately?
A tad bit “on edge”?

It’s understandable.
You have a lot on your plate, and you’ve been juggling priorities for everybody, not just for yourself.

So, maybe you’re even feeling a bit used–
As though everyone else is just looking out for their own agenda,
And they don’t hesitate to take your assistance for granted.

Stop right there.
Everyone else is not to blame.
Nor are you.

Here’s the thing:
Until you have your own priorities straight,
Until you stand up and protect your space,
Other people will assume that you are willing and available.
Because you do care, and because you have unclear boundaries, you are willing to accommodate the needs of others.
That’s the sign of a giving heart, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but–

You need time to recoup now.
You need space away from the agendas of others.
You need time to assess your own priorities,
To recover and remember who you are.

There is nothing wrong with that.
Take the time that you need.
Claim your sovereign right to invest in your values,
To protect your time and your heart from careless invasion.
You decide who enters your space, no one else.
You decide when to let your guard down and when to rest and retire.

Your needs are sacred.
Your emotions are a barometer of your needs.
Honor your needs, first and foremost, and then you can make yourself available to tend to the needs of others.

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

Nine of Cups (contentment)

You deserve to be happy.
Contentment is available to you now, and at all times.
Drink in the support of the Universe.
Let it hold you; let it fill your every pore.

There is no need to stress now.
There is no need to tense, or even to try.
Simply reach out and accept the love that surrounds you,
And know that there is nothing to fear.

Life can be uncomplicated, like this:
Simply giving and receiving, and opening to the joy that connection brings.
This simplicity, this unshakeable knowledge that the Universe has your back, is your birthright.

Know that your true nature is Love, and that is why you see Love all around you.
By blessing others, by opening your heart to the exchange of this most profound gift,
You invite the blessings of life to flow, abundantly.

Be blessed now, and rest in the true nature of your being,
Which is open, and kind, and generous, and trusting of love

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

Nine of Pentacles

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

You have earned the right to relax, to enjoy the fruit of your labors.
You have been diligent in focusing your mind, in applying your efforts steadily and consistently.
You have mastered your craft; you have earned the respect of others; you have built a beautiful home, on a firm foundation.

And all because you were so firm in your resolve.
You sacrificed when necessary.
You carved out time in your schedule.
You studied, and took notes, and you learned from the best.

And so now, you have established a rhythm,
a fine balance between flow and discipline.
And now, you can relax your guard a bit,
and focus on the pleasures and comforts of life.

Because your mind is so well trained,
and because you are dedicated to your life’s work,
there is no danger of going astray, of losing your way.
You come back steadily to your purpose,
Even while indulging in some of the finer pleasures that life now affords you.

Of all of the luxuries of life, time is one of the most precious.
That, and an open heart, able to equally give and receive.
You are now afforded these two luxuries,
earned by unwavering trust in yourself and in life.

Make good use of these gifts, my dear.
Use your time wisely, always investing it in activities that bring you pleasure, and that are of service to others.
Give your heart, freely, but only when you feel called to do so (because you feel a resonance between your heart and another’s).

Remember that others are watching you, because they appreciate and look up to you.
By being yourself, and by investing in your own highest potential, you are also an encouragement for others to maintain your course.

You can be proud of who you are, of how far you’ve come.
You are a living example that life supports those who invest in their greatest potential.

Nine of Swords

With one eye toward the heavens,
you are always clinging to the earth.

Your legs will not move,
Until such time as your spirit deems to carry you.

Turn away now, from the world with all of its trappings.
It holds no sway on you now.

All that matters is you inner voice,
trapped inside the cage, longing to fly free.

And fly you must.
Do not let your wings atrophy.

For the dawn is coming,
and you must rise to the sky to greet it,
like the magnificent creature that you truly are.

So awaken now, my love, from your slumber,
and raise your eyes to the heavens.

Let your wings carry you as far as they will go, into a new world,
where you leave the weight of your past behind evermore.

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Eight of Wands (finding your wings)

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

A story told by Hawk:

There are these moments,
In which you have surrendered to life,
You have trusted your instincts,
And they have carried you as far as you can go.

You have reached the end of the known,
You have climbed to the summit of the mountain,
And there is nowhere else to go.
You gaze about, surveying the vast extent of your surroundings,
From a bird’s eye view.

And then, a gust of wind!
You laugh, and remember (suddenly) that thing that you had forgotten:
You have wings!

And so, you catch the breeze.
You play with the art of ascent,
The bravery of diving,
Always circling back around
And climbing again.

You outline the corridor of the valley;
You reach high and taste the heavens.
You gaze out to other corridors, which you will (in the future) stretch into and explore.
This is your home:
The sky, the land, the spaces in between.
Most of all, home for you is movement:
Trusting the signals when it’s time to fly,
And simply catching the breeze.

Eight of Cups

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

There are times in which, in order to step into the process of authentic becoming, you must shed your expectations.
You must become noone to anyone, and must listen only to the call of your heart.

Feel its wild, beating message, which pulls you onwards, onwards, into the depths of the great unknown.
What will you find there?
You will find your next habitat.
You will find the perfect place in which to incubate and nurture your wild dreams, your dreams of becoming.

You see, you are not simply a set identity.
You are not a name, and a place, and a configuration of roles and responsibilities.

You are life.
You are an experiment of becoming.
You are many people, many ways of being, in succession.
You are awareness, and will, and a bundle of instincts.
And, as such, you will discover what to do.
You will uncover the next stage of your undoing, and of your unfoldment.

For now, listen to the call of the wind.
Let your mind be cavernous, absolutely, open.
Let your heart be expansive,
expansive and free.
Ride the wave of knowing into your next existence, and let the Mystery begin.

Eight of Swords

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Oh, beautiful swan, what is troubling you so?
I see that you have become ensnared,
Imprisoned by your own malicious thoughts and hefty expectations.

There is no rest for you here,
In this mess of brambles, and yet–
The more you struggle to free yourself,
To overcome the trap,
the more you become ensnared.

There is only one way to free yourself, my pretty.
You must entrain yourself to the light.
You must float to the top of your troubles,
On the wings of a fleeted-footed fairy,
Or on the back of a hummingbird.

Close your eyes, for just a moment, dear,
And breathe.
Do you feel the feel the humming of your inner beauty?
The pulse of your pure knowing and presence?

Now, keep breathing, but open your eyes.
Incline your head to the heavens.
Do you see the light, now?
Do you feel how that heavenly light
Corresponds with the light of your inner body?

You are beautiful.
Not just outwardly, for that must always be secondary, a reflection.
You contain a radiant inner beauty,
Which can never be tarnished or stolen.

Let the cage of your thoughts fall away, my love,
And let that inner light guide you once again to the heavens.
Then, spread your wings, and soar.

Eight of Pentacles

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

You understand the value of hard work–
simply, a job well done.

You apply yourself diligently to your trade,
And for that reason, you never stop improving.

In fact, others have been noticing the consistency and quality of your work.
And now, they’re willing to invest in you!–
simply, because they trust craftmanship, your attention to detail.
And they can see that you pour your heart into your work.

You’re not in it for the attention, though.
Truly, you love what you do.
It is a joy and a genuine pleasure to dedicate your life to your craft, and you would have it no differently.

Every now and again, you might stop to appreciate how far you’ve come,
and how much you have learned along the way.

Soon, it will be time to take the next step
(whatever that might be),
to trust the vision that will guide you into the next leg of your journey.

For now, rejoice in how far you’ve come!
Savor the compensation that you are receiving for your efforts, and for your excellence.
Most of all, continue to enjoy the process of learning, and of crafting.

Your work becomes an art, the more that you learn,
and the more that you continually invest your heart in all that you do.

Seven of Pentacles

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

After every period of investment–
Of putting your heart on the line
(not to mention your time & resources)–
There comes the time of the harvest.

Finally, you begin to see the fruits of your labor.
Your dreams have become manifest, tangible.
There are results that you can measure, products that you can hold.

Your vision is no longer stuff of the imagination.
It is real.  You can taste it, touch it, smell it, savor it.

You don’t want to?
Why not?

It’s possible that your mind has become too fixated,
too intent on producing & measuring,
And you have forgotten how to savor each fruit.
You have forgotten the art of appreciation.

In that case, begin again,
And, this time, be thankful for each experience.
Do not judge too harshly, lest your fruit wither on the vine.

There will be time to improve, or to course-correct.
But first, appreciate the magic of your manifesting mind, and of your persistent hands.
You have created life. . . What a miracle!
Now, for a moment, rest, and enjoy it. 😉💓


Seven of Cups

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

There are so many options, so many potential paths.
How can one possibly know which is worth choosing?

One option feels magical.
Things just open up, and flow, without force.
There’s a seduction to this opening which feels tempting, but. . . Perhaps ungrounded.

Another option is obviously most practical.
It offers the most benefits, as well as the most security.
And knowing where you’re going is obviously a plus.

But then–
Yet another option offers the excitement of the new.
Life, passion, feeling awake and fully engaged!
What’s not to love? Well, maybe just not the throwing caution to the wind part.

More than anything, I want to simply know: without doubt, without question.
I want to trust my decision.  Is that possible, I wonder?

Well. . . Yes.  But not from this state of superficial dreaming and analysis.

Go deeper, love.
Underneath the tugs of passion and influence.
Dive into the deep well of knowing.
What do you feel there?
Do you feel, first of all, the fundamental knowing that you are okay, that you can trust yourself?
Good.  That’s a start.
Now, feel into each option successively, fully.
What feels most like you, like it uncorks your true and stable nature?
Go with that.

Life is not meant to be a puzzle, a riddle to be solved.
You have made your existence much too complicated.
When the knots of your mind unlock, you will see:
To be you, naturally, is ever the only real choice.