Seven of Cups

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

There are so many options, so many potential paths.
How can one possibly know which is worth choosing?

One option feels magical.
Things just open up, and flow, without force.
There’s a seduction to this opening which feels tempting, but. . . Perhaps ungrounded.

Another option is obviously most practical.
It offers the most benefits, as well as the most security.
And knowing where you’re going is obviously a plus.

But then–
Yet another option offers the excitement of the new.
Life, passion, feeling awake and fully engaged!
What’s not to love? Well, maybe just not the throwing caution to the wind part.

More than anything, I want to simply know: without doubt, without question.
I want to trust my decision.  Is that possible, I wonder?

Well. . . Yes.  But not from this state of superficial dreaming and analysis.

Go deeper, love.
Underneath the tugs of passion and influence.
Dive into the deep well of knowing.
What do you feel there?
Do you feel, first of all, the fundamental knowing that you are okay, that you can trust yourself?
Good.  That’s a start.
Now, feel into each option successively, fully.
What feels most like you, like it uncorks your true and stable nature?
Go with that.

Life is not meant to be a puzzle, a riddle to be solved.
You have made your existence much too complicated.
When the knots of your mind unlock, you will see:
To be you, naturally, is ever the only real choice.

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