Astrology/Healing Services

Click here to read more about how I approach astrology, and integrate a healing/archetypal perspective into all of the work that I do.

I offer a full range of services, including the following.  Simply choose the service that you most resonate with, and click the link to purchase.  You can also e-mail me at, or call me at 410-916-7901, to discuss which is the best option for you.

Astrology** (in person or over phone/Skype):

$100 First-time astrology consultation, 60 to 75 min.


$125 Yearly/Birthday consultation—check out the current energy and themes of the next year
(also 60 – 75 min.), including a typed-up summary/timeline (approx. 2 pages)! :-)

$75 for astrological counseling followups/coaching (within one year of initial reading), one hour each

$75 For a 4 – 5 page personalized report of key energetic and karmic themes that I see in your chart, or in your life currently

$49 For a “this month”/lunar return reading:  This reading can be scheduled anytime desired, but is especially powerful when timed for your personal monthly lunar return.  Choose between a 45 minute consultation, or a 2 – 3 page written reading, focusing on the key themes, energies and opportunities for that month.  (Note: Can be set up as a monthly subscription, for the discounted rate of $39/month.)

$35 For new clients: 20 – 25 min. “astrological highlights” audio reading of your natal chart

Astrological coaching/tutoring:

Let’a create a relationship.  I’ll help you to understand and engage with your chart more deeply, AND keep you informed of what the shifting planetary energies mean for you.  Or–If you’d like to learn to read charts for others, I can help you with that too!  Either way, you’ll deepen in your astrological knowledge, begin tracking and engaging with the stars on a daily/weekly basis, and benefit from a deeply discounted rate for my services.  (Win-win!)

Initial 5 session package:

Note: After 5 sessions, you have the option to “pay-as-you-go”, and benefit from the same low rate, as long as you commit to a session at least once a month.


$60 Reiki/intuitive healing session table session (in person), 60 min

$40/love offering for 30 min. distance phone session

Energetic Counseling:

$60 for a 60 – 75 min. session: You show up with a question/concern, or a desire/longing that you have.  We’ll dive in deep, together, to find a greater sense of clarity, groundedness and self-assurance.  We’ll begin with some calming meditative techniques, then consult the Oracle cards, your astrology chart and (most importantly!) your inner knowing, to bring you to a place of deeper alignment and knowing.

Meditation instruction:

By love offering: I am well-versed in the Shambhala Buddhist style of meditation instruction–and do teach/instruct regularly in this tradition–and have also studied a number of energetic/intuitive meditation techniques.  I can tailor the instruction to your particular needs.

Divination (e-mail reading):


Ask a question, whatever concerns you, or just ask for general guidance. I will “tune in”, draw 3 – 5 cards (tarot + oracle), and type up a multi-paragraph summary of the guidance that I receive for you.

Intuitive/Astrological Parties:

$75/hour + $20 travel fee to the location of your choice (in Baltimore county and within a 25-mile radius)

I can offer astrology readings, oracle readings, intuitive/healing advice, intuitive flower drawings, and/or meditation instruction for your group or private event.  I can adapt “on the fly” or take your requests and tailor a program to your specifications.