Astrology as a healing/archetypal map (my approach)

Each person is different, and so is each person’s astrological birth chart.  The mix of elements, themes and ways of being vary dramatically from person to person, and from chart to chart. . . . Makes sense, given that we all have different personalities, different approaches, different styles.  And so, when we delve into your chart, during a reading, we’re really looking at those factors that are most unique to and essential to you.  For example:
  • What is the elemental and modal balance in YOUR chart? (Are you more of an “earth person”? Are you low on cardinal–or initiatory–energy?, etc.)
  • Which planets have the strongest say, or the loudest voices, and which take a back seat?
And, most importantly,
  • What does this mean for your life? (In other words, how can you draw on your strengths, address any deficits, and balance/resolve the apparent tensions/blockages?)

My approach to astrology is very much from a psychological/healing perspective. I love to coach/counsel people through the conflicting emotions/impulses, or “voices in their head”–all of which can be found residing in the body, and all of which are laid out in the astrology chart.

And so, I’m a healer. And a creative. And I use astrology as a map, a guidebook–to help you understand WHY you want what you want, and how you might begin to approach peace between those warring parts of yourself. There are a lot of creative ways to “move energy” too, to get things flowing again (my expertise when I wear my other vocalist/musician/teacher hat), and so I’m happy to make suggestions from that perspective as well.

Click here to peruse the variety of astrology (and healing/meditation) services that I offer; see what resonates and what feels like the best way for me to help you.  Or just drop me a line; ask me a question; begin a conversation. I’m here, ready and happy to serve.


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