The Wheel of Fortune

The wheel is always turning,

and thus, you never know your fate, exactly.

Let time be your teacher.

Work with the rhythms and cycles of life.


When you are on the threshold,

and pausing,

before walking through that new door, remember:

You need not know, in advance, what to do.

You need only to commit and open to the experience.

Let your inner knowing be your guide.


You will feel, at times, that the winds of fate are spiteful,

Other times, you may rejoice at your sudden luck.

Whatever the circumstance, whether seemingly positive or negative,

Know this:


There is no cycle,

there is no lesson,

that is not (at its core) about this one thing:

more deeply exploring and opening to love.

From the Shadowscapes Tarot (arranged with Rose Quartz)

From the Shadowscapes Tarot (arranged with Rose Quartz)

The Hermit

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Life does not consist simply of external roles and obligations.

The inner life is equally important, and worthy of cultivation.


From time to time, you must withdraw from the demands of the external world.

You must take the time to quiet your mind, to silence the pressure and excitement that continually occupies you.


You must learn who you are, when distraction and expectation ceases.

You must learn your true name, the one given to you by the stars, and by your ancestors, well before even your parents existed.


You have a purpose.  You have a calling.

It is the calling of your soul, which wishes to fully reside in your body.

You must listen to the prompting of your soul,

If you wish to become fully human, fully yourself.


Take time now to listen.

Let your breathing slow.  Feel the beating of your heart.

Hear the sounds of the natural world.

Drink in the simple beauty that surrounds you.


Then, close your eyes, and enter within.

Inhabit the space in the center of your head,

that sacred, silent space.

Let the light enter.  Let images form, as they will.

Make note of the messages that are given to you.


Take time daily to withdraw to enter this sacred space.

It is your internal well.

It is the place where you can always come for comfort, for guidance and support.

You are never alone in this space, because you are connected to the stars, to the wisdom of the ages.

Let it speak to you, and know who you are, at the deepest level.


from the Gaian Tarot

from the Gaian Tarot

The human heart is a funny thing–

both so fragile, and so resilient.


Think about it:

You are affected by every experience that you have.

You have some reaction, be it positive or negative, OR you simply zone out (which is, in and of itself, a reaction).


Your heart is an instrument.

And like any fine instrument, sometimes it can get overloaded.

A charged and unexpected event can overrun the heart,

rendering it numb and  useless.

So it seems.


But, here’s the thing:

The capacity of the heart is not JUST to feel.

It is also to BE:

to hold space,

simply and without judgment.

To remain open, and strong,

allowing everything,

being engulfed by nothing.


How can one be that strong,

without shutting down?

Simply, you remember:

To be human is to be half animal, and half Divine.


The animal part of you WILL have feelings.

They are natural:

A reaction to change and to stress.

The animal part of you NEEDS to feel,

In order to release.


The Divine part of you knows that,

ultimately, you are ALWAYS safe and whole.

Fundamentally you are okay,

And nothing can touch that.


That is why it is okay to feel everything.

And that is how you will always have the strength to go on.


Do not TRY to be strong, love.

Be honest, and stay open, and face everything.

Always in love,

never moving from the truth that

you ARE safe.

And it is safe to love.

The Chariot

You are the Driver of your reality.

You determine the colors of your landscape,

The speed at which you move,

The company that you keep.


Most importantly, you determine the destination.


Your thoughts, your emotions, are the fuel that propels you one way or the other.


Like a bucking bronco, you can be thrown off course if a strong emotion takes control, and steers you in a volatile direction.


Do not be blown about, passively, by the winds of your mind.


Do not let anyone else set your course.


Meditate. Be still.  Determine your direction.


Then, ride like the wind towards your inevitable success.

from the Shadowscapes Tarot (arranged with peridot, amethyst and smoky quartz)

from the Shadowscapes Tarot (arranged with peridot, amethyst and smoky quartz)

The Lover(s): surrendering to love

from the Ostara Tarot

from the Ostara Tarot

And life suddenly opens up when you realize that someone has joined you for the journey.


Your energy joins with theirs, and the World lights up.

Tastes become brighter;

Colors gleam and pop;

Your heart opens, and meets with a field of vast potential.


You realize that you are not the person that you thought you once were.

You are so much more,

And you are always becoming.


What would stop you from expanding infinitely,

until you merged with the Source of joy itself,

until your heart burst into a million beautiful pieces?


And that would be okay, this bursting,

because Love itself would catch you, would hold you up.

And that would be far better than never falling at all.


So, who knows where this journey will take you?

But it’s bound to be somewhere glorious–

Or at least somewhere far from here.


Surrender to the ecstasy,

And your ride will begin.


The Hierophant (or, The Teacher)

from the Ostara Tarot

from the Ostara Tarot

There are times when having a teacher is essential to your path–whether you wish to learn a new language, or to play an instrument, or to deepen in your spiritual practice.


There are times when you need a guide, someone to show you the ropes.

And there times when you need someone, more learned and experienced, to guide you through the rites of initiation (whatever the practice may be).


My job is to be an example for you, a pathfinder and a way-maker.

I am here to show you that the path is not so scary (even though you don’t understand it yet).

I am here to give you forms of practice, and words of encouragement.

And yes, I may also give you constructive advice–

But how can one be a way-shower, if they do not advise you honestly, when you are drifting from the path?


Take heart, my dear.

You do not know the way just yet, but your intention is good, and your heart is pure.

That is what matters most.


When you drift from your practice, I advise you to simply renew your intention, and come back.

It is as simple as that.


As you continue down the path, you will grow, and it will grow to be a part of you.

You will no longer drift, because you will find that you know who you are through your practice.

It is your anchor, your means of communicating with your higher self, with your inner knowing.


And so, stay with it, dear.

Renew your commitment daily.  Let it seep into your heart, into your being.

Before you know it, you will become inseparable, and you will become unshakeable in your knowing.

When TRUTH settles into your being in that way, then you will have arrived.

And that is my wish for you.


The Emperor

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

There is a proper way to run things.

Every system has a right and working order,

And if that order is not kept in balance, then chaos ensues.


How do you allow a system to breathe, to feel organic, so that it is sustainable?

Learn to listen.

Do not coldly enforce.  Do not coerce, and never be punitive.


Allow every being, every voice, to have its say.

And then, gather the energy to move forward, in lockstep, with one mind.


You must know how to inspire, in order to lead.

You must be willing to take charge.

The moment that you allow an errant force to take over, it will.

Be aware.  Be gentle.  Always dance with the situation.  Never be cruel.


Because your job is to be the one voice that inspires, and gathers, and directs the energy of all the other voices, you must be vigilant.

And, you must be humble to the greatest degree.

You must hear underneath the complaints of all of the other voices.

You must hear the longing, the desire underneath the tension.


And then, when you rise, let all others rise with you.

When you bend, let all the other forces fall into place:

some to your right, some to your left;

Some still and some dancing.


You are the shepherd of these people.

You are the conductor of this symphony.

Take the utmost care, that the song that you conduct is harmonious.

Take care that all voices are present, and that they are synchronized and working in tandem.


Life can be a beautiful work of art,

When we take care to hear every song,

And to harmonize the melodies into one.

The Empress

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

I am the Mother of all Creation.

I give birth to the moment, each time that I pour into it with love and devotion.

I create endless forms, each of them unique, all of them cherished.


I dance with the forces of life, and I weave a tapestry of the elements.

I sing with the birds, and I encourage the fruit to become full and ripen.

I tend to the dawning of color in every day, and to the weaving of the stars at night.

I am an artist of nature, and a caretaker of the animals.


I teach the way of grace, and of nurturing through attention.

My touch is always gentle, and I take the utmost care in how I conduct myself.

It is important that I am always available, but that I am never stolen away.


I am the mistress of my domain.

I dedicate myself to cultivating life because it pleases me.

My pleasure is a guiding principle and yet, I savor each touch, each interaction.

I do not endeavor to lose myself in indulgence.

Rather, I take my time and enjoy each moment fully.


Come to me when you are weary,

When you feel your life force slipping away,

And I will nurture you to health:

Through rest, and fresh fruit, and long walks in beautiful landscapes.


There is no reason ever to feel shut down,

For life surrounds you at every turn.

You need only to appreciate your surroundings,

And drink in the love that is offered to you.

The High Priestess

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Do you feel the pull of Silence within your veins?

She speaks in riddles, using images and natural sounds.

Underneath, the message is always:

Go deeper, deeper, love.


When your mind is still, you can see the messages that Nature delivers.

You can feel the rhythm of the stream, the rising of the moon.

You breathe with the breath of creation,

and you move with her ebbing and flowing of light.


You rise with the message that She has asked you to deliver.

You do so with utmost confidence, for her voice pours through you.

You are not afraid.

You are humble, and clear, and utterly in your body, with passion in your voice and with Silence at your core.


You speak what must be said.

You deliver the message that the Stars have given you.

And the fullness of your glory, and the power of your allies, shines in your message.


You can be as delicate, as ethereal, as a butterfly’s wings.

Or you land with the intensity of Panther,

Stir the seas with the impact of Whale.


You are connected to all of Nature,

And you dream with the mind of the Stars.


When it is time for you to rest, then you will slip back into the rhythm of the tides.

You will take refuge in the forest:

Listening to the messages of the trees,

Watching the play of Rabbit, of Fairies.


You are One with the Tide.

You are the rise, and the fall,

and yet you stand at the center of all,



Stillness in motion. 💖

The Magician

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

My power lies in self-knowledge.

Because I understand the movement of the elements–

In my mind, in my emotions, in the sky and in the natural world–

I understand also the flow of life.


I step into the stream of life,

And through the very presence of my being,

I shift the flow of events.

I impact and alter the chemical play between different star signs, between different constitutions.


I contain all of the elements within me,

But I am not bound by any one element, by any single way of being.

I raise my hand, and with the turn of my wrist, I invoke fire.

I close my eyes, and plunge into the watery depths of the inner world.

I turn to face the other, and I am air, fluid and versatile.

And when I choose, I can even become earth, as solitary and unmoving as I need to be.


I dance with the tides of the moon.

I track and move with the Wheel of the Sun.

I die and am always reborn.

I am eternal and ever-changing.

My way of being is ever fluid,

As I am always learning, and refining the practice of poetry in motion.