The Hierophant (or, The Teacher)

from the Ostara Tarot

from the Ostara Tarot

There are times when having a teacher is essential to your path–whether you wish to learn a new language, or to play an instrument, or to deepen in your spiritual practice.


There are times when you need a guide, someone to show you the ropes.

And there times when you need someone, more learned and experienced, to guide you through the rites of initiation (whatever the practice may be).


My job is to be an example for you, a pathfinder and a way-maker.

I am here to show you that the path is not so scary (even though you don’t understand it yet).

I am here to give you forms of practice, and words of encouragement.

And yes, I may also give you constructive advice–

But how can one be a way-shower, if they do not advise you honestly, when you are drifting from the path?


Take heart, my dear.

You do not know the way just yet, but your intention is good, and your heart is pure.

That is what matters most.


When you drift from your practice, I advise you to simply renew your intention, and come back.

It is as simple as that.


As you continue down the path, you will grow, and it will grow to be a part of you.

You will no longer drift, because you will find that you know who you are through your practice.

It is your anchor, your means of communicating with your higher self, with your inner knowing.


And so, stay with it, dear.

Renew your commitment daily.  Let it seep into your heart, into your being.

Before you know it, you will become inseparable, and you will become unshakeable in your knowing.

When TRUTH settles into your being in that way, then you will have arrived.

And that is my wish for you.


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