The Emperor

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

There is a proper way to run things.

Every system has a right and working order,

And if that order is not kept in balance, then chaos ensues.


How do you allow a system to breathe, to feel organic, so that it is sustainable?

Learn to listen.

Do not coldly enforce.  Do not coerce, and never be punitive.


Allow every being, every voice, to have its say.

And then, gather the energy to move forward, in lockstep, with one mind.


You must know how to inspire, in order to lead.

You must be willing to take charge.

The moment that you allow an errant force to take over, it will.

Be aware.  Be gentle.  Always dance with the situation.  Never be cruel.


Because your job is to be the one voice that inspires, and gathers, and directs the energy of all the other voices, you must be vigilant.

And, you must be humble to the greatest degree.

You must hear underneath the complaints of all of the other voices.

You must hear the longing, the desire underneath the tension.


And then, when you rise, let all others rise with you.

When you bend, let all the other forces fall into place:

some to your right, some to your left;

Some still and some dancing.


You are the shepherd of these people.

You are the conductor of this symphony.

Take the utmost care, that the song that you conduct is harmonious.

Take care that all voices are present, and that they are synchronized and working in tandem.


Life can be a beautiful work of art,

When we take care to hear every song,

And to harmonize the melodies into one.

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