Eight of Cups

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

There are times in which, in order to step into the process of authentic becoming, you must shed your expectations.
You must become noone to anyone, and must listen only to the call of your heart.

Feel its wild, beating message, which pulls you onwards, onwards, into the depths of the great unknown.
What will you find there?
You will find your next habitat.
You will find the perfect place in which to incubate and nurture your wild dreams, your dreams of becoming.

You see, you are not simply a set identity.
You are not a name, and a place, and a configuration of roles and responsibilities.

You are life.
You are an experiment of becoming.
You are many people, many ways of being, in succession.
You are awareness, and will, and a bundle of instincts.
And, as such, you will discover what to do.
You will uncover the next stage of your undoing, and of your unfoldment.

For now, listen to the call of the wind.
Let your mind be cavernous, absolutely, open.
Let your heart be expansive,
expansive and free.
Ride the wave of knowing into your next existence, and let the Mystery begin.

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