Eight of Pentacles

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

You understand the value of hard work–
simply, a job well done.

You apply yourself diligently to your trade,
And for that reason, you never stop improving.

In fact, others have been noticing the consistency and quality of your work.
And now, they’re willing to invest in you!–
simply, because they trust craftmanship, your attention to detail.
And they can see that you pour your heart into your work.

You’re not in it for the attention, though.
Truly, you love what you do.
It is a joy and a genuine pleasure to dedicate your life to your craft, and you would have it no differently.

Every now and again, you might stop to appreciate how far you’ve come,
and how much you have learned along the way.

Soon, it will be time to take the next step
(whatever that might be),
to trust the vision that will guide you into the next leg of your journey.

For now, rejoice in how far you’ve come!
Savor the compensation that you are receiving for your efforts, and for your excellence.
Most of all, continue to enjoy the process of learning, and of crafting.

Your work becomes an art, the more that you learn,
and the more that you continually invest your heart in all that you do.

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