Nine of Swords

With one eye toward the heavens,
you are always clinging to the earth.

Your legs will not move,
Until such time as your spirit deems to carry you.

Turn away now, from the world with all of its trappings.
It holds no sway on you now.

All that matters is you inner voice,
trapped inside the cage, longing to fly free.

And fly you must.
Do not let your wings atrophy.

For the dawn is coming,
and you must rise to the sky to greet it,
like the magnificent creature that you truly are.

So awaken now, my love, from your slumber,
and raise your eyes to the heavens.

Let your wings carry you as far as they will go, into a new world,
where you leave the weight of your past behind evermore.

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

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