Ace of Pentacles

From the Wildwood Tarot

From the Wildwood Tarot

How does a dream become reality?

Something that you can hold, and touch,  and see in the manifest world?
Through investment, and through dedication.

It is not enough to have a vision,
A hope or desire.
You must plant the seeds of your ambition.
You must water them with daily contemplation,
And fertilize them with your attention and with your hard work.

How do you invest your energy, day in and day out?
What do you believe will grow in your life?

Notice your thoughts, and how you unconsciously support these thoughts with your actions.

Now, notice the fruit of your thoughts and your actions:
Your environment is a reflection of how you invest your energy.

Now, if you wish to create something new, then simply begin again.
Plant the seed of your intention.
Dedicate yourself, day in, and day out,
To your own growth and maturation.

Your perseverance will bear fruit,
And it will bring your sustenance and support,
If you make this your daily practice:
Invest your energy in your desires;
Take measurable, concrete steps;
And document and celebrate your growth.

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