King of Swords

King of SwordsYour mind is your greatest tool, love,

or it is your most deadly weapon.
It all depends on how you wield it.

Is your mind focused?
If so, what is it that you focus on?
What is it that you wish to achieve?
Are your aims divided?

Or do you act with one mind,

speak with one mind,

think and love with one mind?


There is nothing that you can’t achieve, if you first heal the division within yourself.

But, if you are unclear, if you are sloppy, if you do not wish to see the truth,

then you will remain ever in the dark, ever fighting against your own mind.


And so, love, seek clarity above all else.

Seek to understand at all levels.
Know why it is that you do what you do,

and your mind will be an unstoppable force for achievement and for justice.

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