Queen of Swords

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Life is fragile and short, and that is why we must treat it with care, and with respect.

What do you value most in life?
Is it beauty?
Whatever it is that you value, that is how you will see the world, and how you will “grade” it.
We all wish to receive a passing grade ourselves, don’t we?
We all wish to be valued, to be seen for how we truly are
(at our best, at our core).
And we all wish to be loved for our essential and truthful self.

But, if we wish to be seen–honestly, truly–
then we must first be willing to reveal ourselves.
We must be honest about who we are,
and what we want,
and exactly what it will take to get there.

So, don’t play around, love.
Get down to the business of crafting your life–
of loving and living honestly and truly.

By doing so, you will attract others of your ilk–
people of like mind or dispostion, who can support you on your path.

Don’t be shy about asking for what you want.
Become absolutely clear on your purpose,
and you will deliver with the utmost grace and efficiency.

You are a package of pure potential,
just waiting to be nurtured and cultivated.
Let your heart and your mind work in cooperation,
and you will be amazed at what you create.

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