Three of Wands

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

There is more to life than what you have previously considered.
How vast is your vision?
How much do you think you are capable of?


You have seen others accomplish grand things,
And you have admired the worlds that they have created through their sweat and vision.

I tell you that you, too, are capable of much more than you have dared to imagine.


Look up, and out, and see the extent of this beautiful world that beckons you.
It is grand.  It is enticing.  It is saturated with happiness and with peace.
It is the fulfillment of your fondest dreams and wishes.

Can you hold that vision in your mind, in your heart, as you take that first step out into the unknown?  Then, another?

Good.  Stay steady.  Stay grounded in possibility.
Then, feel the earth rise up to meet your feet.

You create your perfect life, just like this:
Step, by step, holding the vision,
Manifesting all of that which you trust and desire, through love.

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