Two of Cups

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Life is not a solitary journey.
We each meet a number of companions,
Key players on our path.
They change the course of our personal history.
They shift our way of being.

How do you prepare your heart for the arrival of such a companion?
You open the doors of communication.
You gaze through the windows of the soul.

You allow yourself to be seen,
Revealing a little more each time.
And gradually, you allow yourself to become known,
And even to become entwined.

What a great mystery is this thing called love.
Truly, it changes us,
Until, one day, we realize that we are not who we once were,
That we are continually adapting and shifting to meet the environment.

Let us hope that, in each interaction,
We can be entirely open to serving our partner,
While also deepening into our own true nature.

For the real magic lies in surrendering our expectations,
and discovering who we are,
moment to moment–
Always starting fresh, always opening to love.

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