Two of Swords

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

What is dividing you, love?
Why do you feel such distance from your Source, from your intuitive knowing?
You stand at a crossroads, unable to turn left or right, unwilling to bear the consequences of a future reality.

But inside, you know.
A part of you hasn’t admitted it yet, but you do.
Take a moment to slow down, to feel the deep, strong pulse of your inner knowing.
It lies underneath the static of your mind, far below the concerns of rocking the staus quo, of being different and alone.

You have come to this life to be bold, to make a difference.
There is no shame in doubting your voice, your contribution, but there is sadness.
For every time that you shut down and step away from your authentic being, you build the maze of self-forgetting; you imprison yourself and forget that you are the guardian of your domain.

Take this moment now to re-commit, to step back into the light, into the truth of your being.
You will feel it as a strong pulse, as a current, which forces you to stand on your own two feet, to embrace your wild vision, to name it.

Now is the time.
Do not shrink back from your truth.
Submit to your holy desire, and step forward in faith.

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