Knight of Cups

from the Shadowscapes Tarot

from the Shadowscapes Tarot

Knight of Cups Channeled Message:

Let love be your only reason.

Let it be your motivation as you wake up in the morning,

As you get dressed, and go to work,

As you connect to every being throughout your day.


Let your heart be on fire with compassion,

And let your eyes be lit up with mercy.

And patience, too–so much patience is required, in so many ways:

With ourselves (for always falling short),

With others (for failing to understand),

With God (for the unexplainable challenges in life).


One must become a champion for peace,

A crusader for compassion,

If one wishes to reverse the tides of apathy in this world–

the relentless speed of solidifying, and self-forgetting, and losing one’s sympathetic touch.


Don’t ever become hardened, love.

For, the moment that you become hardened to the World,

you forget your reason for being (which is love),

and you fail to see the beauty that surrounds us.


Yes, we are imperfect creatures.

Yes, we mess up, and we require forgiveness (again and again).

But we are also beautiful, and innocent and perfect in all of our failings.

We try for love and we miss it, because we forget that we are the Generator and the source.


So, listen closely.

Listen to your heart, and to the pulse of the World.

The two are interconnected, and you have a purpose here.

That purpose is to wake up, and open up, and share the Source of love as it runs through you.

Plug in, and enjoy.

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