Ace of Cups

From the Wildwood Tarot

From the Wildwood Tarot

Let love be birthed in your heart–
moment by moment, day by day.
Let each expression arise as an affirmation from your whole being.
Breathe deeply, and take in the goodness that surrounds you.

When love is your “why”, it is easier to relax the “how”, and to just listen.
Let the “how” be explained to you through the flow of events.
Let the sky speak to you in images,
and let the earth hold you gently,
letting you know that you are always safe.

And it is safe to dream, my love,
to open your mind to the possibilities that the Universe has in store.
Where would you like to begin?
What dream warms your insides, brings satisfaction to your heart?

The practice of being alive, and open, is a noble one, indeed.
It takes great bravery to be yourself, truly, and to open to love.
But, in doing so, you become a Blessing,

giving the gift of genuine nourishment to all that you meet.
Also, you allow your own heart to be touched, genuinely,

and to receive the love that the World has to offer you.

So, thank you for being open, and for cultivating a glad heart.
Now, let the gift of Music pour through your being,
And let yourself become an instrument for all that is nourishing and good.

Much love, and Namaste.

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