Ace of Swords

From the Wildwood Tarot

From the Wildwood Tarot

Your mind shapes your reality.

How do you know whether to believe what you see?
What you think?

There is a core of truth in every situation.
There is a way to slice through the veil of illusion,
To perceive as though for the 1st time.

There is the moment when you KNOW,
and you need no explanation.
Because the knowing speaks for itself.

The moment shimmers, it pulsates, with truth,
and you but open your mouth,
To receive the words of the moment:
the unspoken knowing that quickens your heart,
That shimmers in your environment.

You become the agent of pure, righteous wisdom: full of clarity, and love.

Do not be afraid to speak the words of your heart,
To trust the basic instinct of truth.

Your truth is yours to tell,
And you will know when to tell it,
When the vibration quickens around you,
When the moment pulsates and shimmers.

Seize that moment.
Speak clearly the wisdom that is delivered through you.
Know that you are an instrument of light,
And pierce through the darkness.

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