King of Wands

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

Trust your instincts, love.
If you listen to them closely, you will never go astray.

Isn’t it funny that we have to learn how to feel?
Rarely do we trust or listen to the pure emotion, to message that it wants to give us.

Always, instead, we get caught in the web of the mind:
justifying, arguing, placating, pushing aside.

Instead of all that force, why not just listen?

Once you learn to listen to your emotions (your internal weather system),
and your instincts (your internal navigator),
you will know which way to turn.
You won’t get caught in the trap of doubt.

Instead, you’ll just wait for cues–
yes, no, open, turn, focus, release–
and you will follow them.
Simple as that–
no analysis required.

And you will be be a model for others:
others who are looking for a leader,
who keep getting caught in the trap of doubt.
You will help to liberate their minds,
as you simply teach by example.

Remember, love:
The best teachers inspire others to be themselves, fully.
And the best leaders put the natural gifts of others to work.

Be an inspiration.
Trust your instincts, and move forward from that.

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