Six of Cups (the heart of a child)

You are a beautiful child.
Your heart shines with the joy of living,
with the freshness of eyes untainted.
The window of your soul is open, and you welcome the freshness of each new experience,
like the dawning of a new day.

Where does your joy come from?
It comes from your innocence,
and your willingness to freely give and to receive.
You are open to exchange,
because the gifts of your heart are bountiful,
and because you are fed by the love that you receive.

And oh, the gifts that you will give to the world!
Your future is a glorious array of possibilities,
each of them reflecting a facet of your being.

You have a contribution to make,
and you have a lifetime to discover what that will be.

For now, simply stay open and trust.
The Universe is on your side.
It is eager to support you.
Trust that all of the resources are here that you need,
and open your heart to receive.

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

From the Shadowscapes Tarot

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