Six of Pentacles (giving from abundance)

Six of Pentacles

From the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

When your heart is full, giving is easy.
Love flows in and out, natural as breathing.

Even if, right now, you feel less than abundant,
take heart in the fact that you have opened before.
You have given of your time and of your resources,
and you have seen the World as inseparable from yourself.

Because of this, you know that opening your hands is an organic gesture.
No matter what it is that you are opening to–
an embrace, a sharing of resources, or an exchange of goods–
it is totally natural to trust the moment,
and to let your heart speak through your hands.

There will be times too when you will need to rely on the generosity of others,
on the opening of their hearts.
In these times, do not judge yourself.
It is as important to receive as to give.

Thank the Universe for showing you (constantly) how much bigger we really can be,
when we learn to surrender control,
and to open to the flow of in and out.

Surely, we are not meant to be separate,
to survive on our own.
Thank your brother for his availability and his willingness to meet you as you are,
as you also meet him.

We are each indebted to Life.
For life teaches us to rely on each other, and even more, to trust the Universe.

The Universe is not stingy.
It gives us more than we can ever receive.
Let us open our hearts then to the Universe,
so that we can also open our hearts more fully to each other.

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