Ten of Pentacles

From the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

From the Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Happiness is not an accident.
It is a by-product of a life well-lived:
Of a home and family well cared for,
Of a significant contribution made to the world.

The greatest contribution is to live a life of purpose:
To show up for yourself and others, day in and day out,
Knowing what you stand for, and investing in what brings you joy.

And so, consider now:
What is the contribution that you would make?
What is the legacy that you wish to leave?

Whatever it is, if it is sincere, then you are worthy of it.
Plant the seed of intention now, and imagine how it will grow and flourish into a beautiful plant.
Water your intention with daily investment.
Show up again and again, with a humble and dedicated heart.

You are the manifestor of your dreams.
A beautiful life awaits you, if you believe it is so,
And daily take steps to concretize your commitment.

See the beauty in your mind, really feel and embody it, then step into the life-size model, one day at a time.

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