Ten of Swords

From the Ostara Tarot

From the Ostara Tarot

There will be those days in which the knot in your stomach grows into a monster,
Consuming your thoughts, your feelings, your actions–really your whole state of being.

And, on those days, you will (likely) feel completely overwhelmed, like,
“What’s the point in even TRYING to make sense of this?
This is beyond me.  It’s completely too much.”

Now, at that point you have a choice:
You can be swallowed  completely by a sense of hopelessness, of despair, OR–
you can learn to swim.

You can gulp, and take a deep breath, and dive in,
really find out what you are capable of.
(Hint: It’s more than you think.)

You see, you don’t realize it yet, but–
You are a survivor.
You are a strategist.
And you have at least 8 more lives left in you.
You’re not going down this easy,
At least, not without a fight.

So, pick yourself up.
Stare fear in the face.
Take a deep breath,
and keep on rolling.

Round two! 😉

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