The Hanged Man

The Hanged ManThe world, as you know it, is no more.
Do not try to hurry the new world in its coming.

Instead, simply be.
Surrender all intention,
except the intention to be still,
and to listen.

Do you hear the sound of the wind,
Rustling through the trees?
So is the sound of your mind,
On any given day:
Blown about, to and fro, without aim.

Your activity, too, is driven
By some mad impulse to obtain things,
To satisfy desire and to quell dissatisfaction.
You will never find contentment this way.

And so, now is the time
To suspend all movement.
Do not fight, or force, or wrestle,
Or even tense.

Simply be.
Let inspiration fill your mind,
Let contentment fill your heart.
Observe, with wonder, this topsy-turvy world that surrounds you,
This mad world of impulse.

To observe is enough, for now.
Soon enough, you will move again.
But first, you must simply empty out,
And begin again.

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